3 Top Ways To Never Get Cancer

Well, it can’t be denied that everyone has cancer, so I’m inclined to think a preventative mindset is the best. When I consider the top 3 ways to never get cancer I’m thinking clean habits.

For example, the first thing that pops into mind is avoiding cigarettes. If you are smoking, simply balance what you regard as more important. Do you want to minimize the chance of developing cancer, or do you like the habit more? (it’s really like the same knowing¬†what to ask agent when buying life insurance)

Switching my diet is definitely the next step, because certain foods contribute to cancer. I’ll stick to nutrition that make me feel energized and healthy.

Last but not least, I’ll exercise more. There is nothing like some good old fashioned exercise, and studies show it reduces the chances of cancer.

These are the main ways I’d prevent cancer, because they are things I can start doing right now. It’s probably going to save me money and I’ll feel much better about myself. More importantly, I won’t make it easy for any disease to break down my body.

As a final thought, don’t rule out mental medicine such as meditation. Deep relaxation does wonders for the body and also keeps cancer at bay.